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Minority and Female Contributions to Science and Industry

Women in Science

Women in Science

Science has been a man's world for many years. In celebration and recognition of the many women who have made major contributions to science and medicine, we feature these articles.

Please help us further develop this section by e-mailing information you have about female contributions to science to our director of educational services at Dr. Mason. If you are interested in helping us develop a section on inventors from your ethnic culture please e-mail your information to Dr. Mason. Remember to give the source(s) of your information so we can properly acknowledge the originator of any information posted on our site.

Marie Curie

Rachel Carson

Ellen Swallow Richards
Chemical Engineer

Florence Sabin
Physician & Researcher

Maria Telkes
Chemist & Solar Engineer

Mae Jemison
Astronaut, Physician & Engineer

Hypatia of Alexandria
Mathematician & Scientist

Chien-Shiung Wu

Maria Mitchell

Ellen Ochoa
Astronaut & Scientist

Grace Murray Hopper
Computer Pioneer & Mathematician

Jane Goodall

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